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Production of seat covers and components for the automotive industry

Who we are

We are a family company specialized in the industrial sewing, with a purely Slovak capital. Our team is already well established and consists of enthusiastic people having acquired a rich experience in management of an industrial sewing company for automotive business. Nowadays, we employ approximately 160 people from the region of Zilina situated in central Slovakia.


For almost sixteen years (our “parent” sewing workshop was founded in 1998 but in 2004 the sewing was separated from the other production), our company demonstrates a remarkable professionalism in its field and keeps its spirit open and dynamic for new challenges – these qualities are particularly appreciated in the automotive industry. Nowadays, we produce seat covers as well as their components for cars. However, we remain open to new projects and possibilities of cooperation in technical and industrial sewing. We propose to our business partners and cooperators a high level of a very professional partnership, which is guaranteed by our cohesive, productive and effective team of employees.


We speak French and English so we are ready to assist our foreign partner with doing all the necessary steps for his better and faster adaptation in the Slovak context.


Our experience in subcontracting production includes small, medium and large series and also that of an extremely variable and conceptually difficult sewing of spare parts. Thus, we can guarantee to our customers a maximum effort to find a positive solution with regard to their other specific expectations of our successful partnership. Being grateful for their trust, we deeply commit to ensure them the quality and effectiveness of all our services.


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